King Courteen: June 29

King Courteen
June 29
7:30 – 9:00 pm

A guest at last year’s show said this about King Courteen: “King Courteen was an absolute marvel — highly original, breathtaking vocal range, raw but controlled and just altogether mesmerizing. Previously to his Grand Oak Opry performance, his largest audience was 70 people, he told us. But there were several hundred of us under the Grand Oak. So he was, at first, nervous in the most charming way, and gradually got himself to look at us as he played and sang flawlessly, so that, by the end, it was that rare, true  performance of deep rapport, performer and audience as one.”

We couldn’t have said it better!  

BIOGRAPHY: Michael Gerlach, better known as King Courteen, builds beautiful things from nothing. As a woodworker, he’s transformed razed relics from Milwaukee’s industrial past into things like furniture and visual art, and has explored for months to and from Cisco, Utah building sustainable hobo shacks for local residents.

The Milwaukee Record says, King Courteen “constructs folk renderings known to captivate audiences using little more than the raw material of an acoustic guitar and his re-purposed choral background”. Now dedicating his time to being a full time musician, King Courteen is funding his debut record, Old Adam, and bringing his music to small towns and cities across the country through crowdfunding and the support of his community. GoFundMe donors have the chance to not only contribute to the creation and touring of the record, but also get access to a music video shot in Utah and a custom hand-made record carrier made by Michael from recycled and reclaimed wood.

TICKETS & LOGISTICS: There are no tickets. For all shows we request a $10 donation/adult, with 100% of the proceeds going to the artist. Seating is first come first served, with gate open at 6:30. We ask that you bring your own chair/blanket, and anything that you like to eat or drink. (Adult beverages allowed.) We provide an onsite bathroom in our house. No animals allowed.


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