How does it work for bands?

  • We can’t offer a minimum guarantee, but bands receive 100% of the contributions at the gate. (We have details on attendance and range of income for bands.) Bands are free to sell merch, and we have volunteers for the merch table.100% of the merch proceeds go to the band.
  • Attendance averaged 250-300 people for the last three years we’ve had shows.  Maximum of as many as 500 people.
  • We have canopies for rain (for the band) if there are sprinkles. We’ve delayed shows to allow rain to pass through.
  • We have a professional sound person who volunteers his time to help with necessary equipment (PA, mixing board, speakers, mics, etc.).
  • Neighbors volunteer as ‘greeters’ and to help sell Grand Oak Opry t-shirts.
  • Our kitchen has served as the ‘green room’ in the past, and we have a new tiny house space that’s available as well. We have a neighborhood volunteer to provide food and beverages that you request.
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