How does it work for guests?

goo 5How does it work? The structure of the concerts is pretty simple:

  • The concerts are in our backyard, at 273 Goodhue Street in St. Paul.
  • ANYONE is welcome. You don’t have to know us, the neighborhood, or anyone else. We hope everyone feels welcomed and able to enjoy the great music.
  • Bring a chair/blanket, and anything you want to drink and eat. Alcohol is fine if consumed responsibly. Some people make a picnic out of it. We provide water and our bathroom is open to guests.
  • Payment isn’t required, but 100% of the money from the gate and any merchandise sales (except Grand Oak Opry t-shirts) go to support the bands. We ask that all adults and kids over 16 contribute $10/person if possible, and over 95% of attendees contribute to support the musicians. (These payments are what help us get such great bands.)
  • Kids of any age are welcome. Many of the kids play in the front yard during the show. Others dance with their parents or on their own.
  • Local business sponsors cover our fixed costs to make the concerts happen, which don’t include paying the bands. We don’t make any money from the shows. Please patronize the community businesses that make this community event possible!
  • No pets at all, and no smoking in the backyard. You are free to smoke in the front yard.

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