The Johnny Sincerely Orchestra, Sat. Aug. 26, 7:30pm

Based in part in our own West 7th Neighborhood, we can’t wait to host The Johnny Sincerely Orchestra.  We hope you’ll join us!

BIOGRAPHY: The Johnny Sincerely Orchestra incorporates elements of vaudevillian theatricality into their live shows, producing what they call “Carnival RocknRoll”. Combining elements of European folk and music hall with hard hitting rock n roll and the blues, they have created a sound all their own. This ragtag crew of orchestral misfits can be found playing their hearts out at a dim lit bar near you.

“Johnny Sincerely has elements of a vaudeville showman who seems as though he would fit right in as a carnival barker, an old parisian cabaret host, or as a swaggering lounge singer.”

The Johnny Sincerely Orchestra are: Piano/Vocals: Johnny Sincerely; Guitar: Sean Cosgrove; Bass: Joe Clark; Viola: Linnea Brashears; Trombone: John Baumgartner; Percussion: Aaron Isakson

TICKETS & LOGISTICS: There are no tickets. For all shows we request a $15 donation/adult, with 100% of the proceeds going to the artist. (No one will be turned away based on the ability to pay, and people can contribute more because 100% goes to the artist.)

Seating is first come first served, with the gate open at 6:30. We ask that you bring your own chair/blanket, and anything that you like to eat or drink. (Adult beverages allowed.) We provide  onsite bathrooms in our house. No animals allowed.

ADDRESS: 273 Goodhue Street, 55102. Please thank our neighbors and be careful not to block driveways if you park. Transit. Biking encouraged, with parking available in our yard.


SPONSORS: Our sponsors make this possible! Please support them!

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