Jayanthi Kyle with Le Voyage: Saturday August 12, 7:30 – 9:00 pm

Photo credit: Katie Essick, 2017

Jayanthi Kyle
Saturday August 12, 7:30 – 9:00 pm
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We’re so honored to have Jayanthi Kyle and Le Voyage perform at Grand Oak Opry!
Jayanthi Kyle is a songstress dedicated to singing from the heart. She collects songs that speak to her struggle, empowerment and ability to be, change, and move forward – while honoring the unremembered changers and movers of the past. She enjoys singing for people passing worlds: being born, or dying, or passed. She refers to these as arrivals and departures.
Le Voyage is Donald Washington, Dick Studer and Steve Hirsh. Their music is composed in the moment, with stories expressed through sound, spinning threads that become whole cloth. The vocabulary typically used to describe music created in this fashion (free jazz, avant garde) only obscures the essential nature and purpose of the music. The music is about diving directly into the molten core of our humanity, aiming to break apart the thick husks that separate us from ourselves and each other. To paraphrase Carlos Santana, the music will alter your molecular structure.
“I sing because I feel healing from it and I want to offer that to others. I always hope that my voice makes people feel like they want to sing too. Then the real healing can begin from their own soul. Never be afraid to lift your voice. Practice the gift of exercising your voice,” Jayanthi says.
Jayanthi is anointed all on her own, plus she shares her voice with a number of bands and projects in the Twin Cities. The Give Get Sistet, Miss Pennie’s Microphone, Romantica, Passed Presents, Black Audience, and Jayanthi Kyle and the Crybabies are included among these.
She continues to support The Million Artist Movement to dismantle white supremacy and support Black liberation. She also works with Mama Mosaic on a “Minnesota girls are not for sale” piece that has been performed for over 9 years seeking freedom for women and girl sex slaves in Minnesota.
TICKETS: For all shows we request a $10 donation/adult, with 100% of the proceeds going to the artist.
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Photo credit: Katie Essick, 2017
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