Logistics for King Courteen on Saturday night

Greetings! The fireflies have been out all week in anticipation of the show on Saturday. Perfect weather; incredible community; amazing music!

* Yard opens at 6:30 for the 7:30 show. $10 suggested contribution — 100% goes to the artist.
* Bring chairs and/or a blanket. We have some benches and extra seats on limited basis.
* Bring anything you want to eat or drink, including adult beverages. We suggest you stop by one of our sponsors, Liquor Barrel – West 7th St. Paul, or Waldmann Brewery on the way. Each is just a couple of blocks from our house.
* You can buy a Grand Oak Opry t-shirt, or King Courteen‘s ep at the show.
* We provide a bathroom (just one) and recycling/garbage. As people have noted, hydrate responsibly to avoid a line.
* Kids are welcome and can play in the front yard.
* Pets are not welcome. (Ours are kenneled inside and go nuts.)

Thanks to our sponsors for making this possible! Claddagh CoffeeLeitner’s Garden CenterLiquor Barrel – West 7th St. PaulSelby AcupunctureTimberwolf CrossFit, and Waldmann Brewery.

Thanks for your support. Can’t wait! See you soon!

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