Logistics for Nur-D show:

We can’t wait for Saturday night. It will be a perfect summer evening for music and community with Nur-D

Address is 273 Goodhue Street in St. Paul.

Logistics for the Saturday the 14th show at 7:30pm:

1) Bring/wear a mask. Please don’t attend if you haven’t been vaccinated (and are over 12).

2) There are no tickets. For all shows we request a $15 donation/adult, with 100% of the proceeds going to the artist. No one will be turned away based on the ability to pay, and people can contribute whatever they can afford.Seating is first come first served, with the gate open at 6:30.

3) We ask that you bring your own chair/blanket, and anything that you like to eat or drink. (Adult beverages allowed.)

4) We provide an bathroom for guests in our house. Please ‘hydrate responsibly’ to avoid a line.

Hope you can join us!

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