“Blue Dream” Debut performance August 21

You won’t want to miss Grand Oak Opry presents Blue Dream on August 21st at 7:30.

Josh’s own words say it better than we could – and we’re honored to showcase this vision, energy, relevance, and talent:

“This is a debut performance featuring myself and some of my dearest friends. This performance will showcase the spiritual growth & expansion of my musical village over the past few years.

Maria Isa taught me that our drums are our weapons, our medicine & our voices through trying times. When we bring our instruments together from our own tribes to celebrate our unique rhythms we become even more powerful. Some of us call on our ancestors for guidance, some of us call to put them in check. Both are essential conversations for achieving real love and community.

Let’s come together to heal ourselves, celebrate live music, and reject silence & complacency towards the state sanctioned oppression we constantly witness in our community with some of the twin cities strongest musical protectors:

DeCarlo Jackson – 🎺, Megan Mahoney – bass 🎸, Joey C. Hays – 🥁, Jacob Dodd – 🎹, Levi Schwartzberg – Vibes🔥, William Linstrom – 🎸, Josh Johnson – 🎷

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